Most recent work
Darren worked with Itchy and Scratch Pictures to shoot this commercial for Discovery Expeditions. Shot on location in Dunedin. Featuring Koren Superstar Gong Yoo. Production Company: Hobie Productions
Other works
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Working in conjunction with 90Seconds and SPUR, we shot and edited this pro
30sec ad for 1791 Diamonds. DOP- Ben Ruffell
30sec TV commercial for cbm
30 Sec web commercial for the Leprosy Mission. Agency- Black
45 sec Web Commercial with Stan Walker for the Salvation Army. White Horse
An internet commercial for five star hotel St.Moritz in Queenstown
A 30 second TVC broadcast on national TV made as part of the Country Channe
Producer Sam Scott- 15 Sec TVC for the rebranding of the Herbal Mineral Wat
A 3o Sec TVC produced by Sam Scott
1 Min recruitment commercial for Gordon Handy Machinery.
A Speculative Commercial for Nike.
A 15 Sec TVC Produced by Sam Scott.
A Speculative Commercial for Export Gold.
Two 15 second TVC's for Harraways & Sons. Broadcast nationally on TV 1 & 2.
A 30'' commercial broadcast nationally on TVNZ.